artist credit: C. Cobden

artist credit: C. Cobden


A little magic direct to you

I love getting these! ...a friendly reminder that the world of creativity is out there no matter what else is happening. -RM

Sometimes, I have to save it and read it later. It always makes me smile when I do read it...so many wonderful opportunities in it. - LV

Hits me in the happy magical place! - KS

...such a treat, perfect in every way. Intimate, inspiring, creative, welcoming, heartfelt—I feel part of the most wonderful community. The fantasy/inner dialog that opens each email always grabs me and lifts me up. - LL

Brilliant. - JT

Good reminders of your opportunities and I have come to love your personal Tinkerbell. - RM

PS--I forgot to add thought-provoking. LL

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