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Odonata Online: Experiences and Opportunities

Explore a variety of creative topics and approaches while experiencing a supportive and friendly community of fellow travelers, all from the convenience of your own living room or office. Odonata Creative offers a variety of online small groups, workshops and classes throughout the year. Because dancing in our living room counts. It definitely does.

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the weavers guild

Odonata Creative hosts the Weavers' Guild, a FREE hour for creatives to come together and work on their projects in parallel. Instead of a webinar designed to teach material, the Weavers’ Guild is a transmission that invites participants to experience creativity, community and connection on a regular basis. Includes a guided meditation to begin, and a brief share at the end. Sign up for the Weavers Guild to receive link to Zoom. (Zoom download required--but that is free and easy peasy.) 

Currently On Offer…

Especially for writers -
Write Club

Find first readers, peer support, and 1:1 encouragement along the way on your writing journey. An online Odonata experience designed to give a small group the benefits of 1:1 coaching and guidance. Learn more about Write Club.


NEW for 2019! A Small Group Kaizen-Muse Experience


Join a friendly band of creative adventurers and go exploring over the course of five sessions. Participants gain insights into how creativity works, including Kaizen-Muse tips and techniques for common blocks, new ways to approach your passions and projects, and plenty of fun along the way. Maybe 2019 will be the year you get back to that book, quilt, makers space, studio, or dream you’ve been shelving for a while now.

Facilitated by Odonata Creative founder Sarah Sadie, and scheduled according to the needs and preferences of the participants.

Learn more here.

image credit: Austin Ban, Unsplash

image credit: Austin Ban, Unsplash

Odonata On Your Own Time

Get a taste of Odonata's offerings from the comfort and convenience of your office or living room. Your life, your journey, your time. A series of APPROACHes allows you to take first (or next) steps on your own path, through on demand courses, arriving direct to your inbox. An opportunity to begin to awaken your creative spirit and explore your possible passions in a way that fits easily with your life. 

odonata creative Community gardens on Facebook

You can always find something to dance about over in our closed Facebook group. Odonata Creative Community Gardens offers a place for creatives of all stripes and styles to hang out together. Gentle encouragement, community and fun.