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"I really really appreciate our phone session. It truly sparked something in me, and got me moving on next steps. I absolutely love your approach and your generosity and your energy." - Patricia B.

Thank you for being the scribe to all this stir-ful activity. I cannot begin to tell you how much it means to me to have YOU, Sarah Sadie, reflecting all this imaginative and productive work back to me right at this particular time....Thank you for being brave and strong and solid enough to do this creative coaching work." 

“What an absolutely magical and fulfilling day. This Odonata retreat was exactly what I needed to step back into my creative flow, take care of my heart and soul and connect with other amazing women. I mean…simply perfection! Thank you for dedicating your heart in a deep way to creating that space for us all.” 

"Before I started sessions with Sarah, I hated writing and couldn't make progress on my novel. I figured there had to be a better way, but none of the other methods or programs I tried were able to address my deeper issues. Sarah knows the things about creativity I've been seeking for years. Right away I started to love the work again. Five sessions later, a part of me has really opened up, and I trust Sarah and the process all the more. Her gentle techniques always get me to the answers I need, especially the guided visualizations. Sarah understands how to access this elusive thing called “creativity.” So rare and valuable beyond words. – Nicole D.

"When I started working 1:1 with Sarah, I had just received news of my first poetry acceptance. Getting published had been a goal for me and I was just starting to see things happen in that direction. Sarah helped me begin to think about systems that would support my creative goals as I work to shape my writing into something that is ready to be shared with an audience.

My coaching experience with Sarah was a central part of a larger season of creative flourishing through classes, trips and an expanding creative  community. Sarah worked with me to grow and expand my creative process and encouraged me to connect with other writers. I feel more open to inspiration and more willing to take risks. Her encouragement and the focus on small steps was really helpful in getting to this place. I am in a place I could not have imagined I would be.

I now have bigger goals and the tools to begin to move towards achieving them." - Julie M. 

"Sarah provided a place of welcome, encouragement and permission to simply be... I spoke to Sarah at length about my book...she inspired me, believed in my poetry...With her innate sense of humanity, her instincts, craft and genuine talent, I found in Sarah a new level of trust."