Small Group Explorations: Seeds and Starts and Next Steps

Imagine this spring connecting to your creative projects a little more purposefully. Imagine finding the space to grow curious again. Imagine being part of a cohort of creative companions, sharing insights and intentions, a-ha moments, growing enthusiasm and excitement as week by week, ideas shift, merge, possibilities open up, and creative magic starts to unfold.

A word from Sarah Sadie:
”If there is one thing that becoming a Qoya instructor has taught me, it’s that “movement” doesn’t always mean “linear motion.” Sometimes it’s about breathing and listening. Sometimes it’s a circling around the question in new directions or from new angles. Sometimes the smallest twist of a wrist makes all the difference. And sometimes, yes, we jam out to our favorite song like no one is watching.

“All of this is true creatively as well. When we say “Let’s get moving” on our projects and plans, sometimes taking a next step forward doesn’t look “forward” at all. That’s okay. Sometimes what we most need is to live the questions, perhaps in the company of others. Kaizen-Muse techniques honor the creative dance in all its variety and expansiveness.”

“I’m so excited to be able to offer this small group experience again. It’s a wonderful way to experience Kaizen-Muse encouragement for the first time, or the fiftieth!”


Small Group Explorations at Odonata Creative are designed to get YOU creatively moving in the ways that feel right to YOU, supported by peers and with Sarah Sadie’s guidance and facilitation. Small Group Explorations allow creatively inclined people to experience an Odonata coaching environment at an introductory pricepoint.

This is for you if:

  • you are creatively stuck, stymied, or bogged down

  • you have a particular project you’d like to get started or to make progress on

  • you don’t have a particular project right now but you wish you did

  • you have been feeling generally restless and blocked

  • you want to lift the hood on your creative engines and learn a little bit about how they run

This is NOT for you if:

  • you’d rather not feel excitement, enthusiasm, or effusive joy, thank you very much.

  • you would prefer a 1:1 experience (we offer those too)

Each session includes a check-in, an introduction and experience with a Kaizen-Muse technique, general discussion and group/individual coaching around specific blocks participants are experiencing, a recap and next steps set for the week.

This is a fantastic way to get your own creativity jump started AND to gain the support of not just one other person, but also a select group of peers.

The sign-up window opens on Friday, April 5 and closes at 11 PM Central, Thursday, April 18.

creative Seeds and Starts

Five sessions, 90 minutes each, follow up resources and additional materials

scheduled in April-May

price: $297 per participant (value: $750) You will be sent an invoice by email at the same time as you are informed the dates and times of the group. Payment is expected before the first session begins.

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