What I Know About Rage

There’s a lot to be angry about.

More than that, there is a lot right now that is enraging. I don’t even have to go into details, do I? Name me the day and I’ll tell you what new revelation I’m raging over.

image credit: Anna Popovic

image credit: Anna Popovic

If you are anything like me, you’re walking around these days in a state of simmer. Ready to flare up pretty much constantly.

This is not a comfortable place to be. I used to fear anger, my own as much as other people’s. Rage was anathema. “It’s okay,” I’d say when someone slighted me. “No big deal.” I swallowed anger, remembered their best intentions, made excuses. Avoided conflict at all costs.

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    Something has changed, and just in time, too. Over the past few years, that fiery rage has become a most trusted companion of mine. I’ve learned that if I listen to my rage early enough, and give it expression before it grows too loud, it can allow me to be extremely tender, loving, even joyful in my expression. Rage simply wants to be heard…

    …and acted on.

    And that’s where creativity comes into play. Because as creatives, we can tap into our rage and learn to use it as fuel for creative expression, projects, and growth. I work with clients to tap those uncomfortable feelings (rage is not the only one, after all) and understand how they help steer us towards our true creative magic.

    Fire is a fearsome thing. It can burn down a house or a forest. It can also warm the winter, light the night, or make a birthday cake magical. Everyone looks beautiful in a fire’s light.

    We don’t need to fear our rage. Quite the opposite. Our rage will help us change the world. We need to learn how to use it.

    Sarah SadieComment