Four Dilemmas a Creative Will Encounter

People often ask, when they learn I am a creativity coach, "Who hires a creativity coach?" Sometimes they laugh a little. Sometimes they are serious. Sometimes they're simply confused at the very idea. 

Who works with a creativity coach? 

The answer is no doubt delightfully different for each of us out here working our magic in the world. For me, there are four types of clients I see most often. Or to rephrase, there are four dilemmas the creative soul encounters that generally lead people to my door. 

1. You're Stymied

This is a creative who is midway into a project (whatever her field or pursuit) and she's hit a block. She's in what we Kaizen-Muse coaches name Creative Chaos. She can't remember why she loved this idea. She can't see where to go next. She's tangled up in it and can't take a step forward for all the knots around her ankles. How is she supposed to get out of this mess? Why did she think it was a good idea in the first place? 

image credit: Tom Quandt

image credit: Tom Quandt

2. You're Stranded

Between projects, this creative's ship has lulled, or perhaps even been beached. She finished her most recent work and now faces the terrifying possibility that the Muse has deserted her. Where will her next idea come from? What if she doesn't find the energy? None of the old tricks are working. She's afraid she's burned out. She's afraid she's run out of anything to say, to do, to express. Each day that passes she feels herself drying out a little more. How to recover her juicy passion for the work? How to get her mojo back? 

3. You're  Swamped

This woman's life is going through a sea change. Whatever it looks like to others on the outside, on the inside, she knows she is melting down, becoming some brand new version of herself. No matter what anyone around her might think about it. Where's the map? Where's the path? Who is she supposed to be, again? How did she get here? And more importantly, how is she going to get out of here? 

4. You're Swooping Back

There are some people who come to me with dreams in their eyes. "I used to do x, some decades ago." "When I was a child I loved to..." "After college (or kids, or etc etc) I just never found a way to fit it in again..." These women want to reclaim a part of themselves they let go, something precious and passionate that they lost or set aside. Something has reminded them, and now the compass of their hearts has swung around to a true north they forgot about for a while. Of course they don't have to follow where their heart calls them--but if they don't, they know intuitively life will feel a little hollow. 

...the compass of their hearts has swung around to a true north...

Stymied. Stumped. Swamped. Swooping back. These are slightly silly (and fun) words to describe very common predicaments that women and men find themselves in. Not the only predicaments for us, of course. Just a handful of the most common, in my experience. And (full disclosure loves) I've been each one of these people in turn. Each. One.

I've been each one of these people in turn.

What does a creativity coach do? I guide my clients through the questions, as they follow their own bendy, wonder-filled paths. I remind you there are a lot of us out here, just like you. You're not alone. And I happen to know a place where the fire crackles, the water's always ready for tea, and more often than not there's a coconut macaroon or a sugared violet somewhere to be found.

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    **disclaimer: a single person may or may not experience every one of these. it is also possible to experience any of these more than once. in any order. 

    **acknowledgement: creativity knows no gender. I have used "woman" and feminine pronouns in this piece because most of my clients and course participants are women. I encourage men reading this to hear themselves included in the feminine pronoun. It's a good stretch. 

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