Maybe We Don't Have to Be the Hero

I don't think I'm a Hero. 


There. I said it. 

Not that I don't like myself--I do. In fact, I'm nearing another birthday and upon reflecting I realized the other day I am falling seriously in love with my own vibrant, flawed, passionate, juicy self. It feels delicious. 

And that said, I'm no Hero. You know the Hero I'm talking about...the One who Goes On A  Quest:

  • someone is called to a quest
  • they ignore the call
  • they're called again and accept
  • they meet helpers and guides along the way
  • they also meet obstacles, enemies, trials and setbacks
  • they almost fail
  • then they rally
  • they obtain the goal, the treasure, the desired X, return to their community and become the King

Yup, not so much me. Every time a coach or teacher asks me to fit my life story into some approximation of this pattern, I end up frustrated rather than empowered. I mean, I can find small moments where I hit a lowpoint, found the magic key, and got on my way...but overall, that is not my pattern nor my explanation. 

I bet I'm not the only one.

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    Because I like to ask small questions, my frustration led me to a new thought: Why should there be only one archetypal story pattern we all fit into? We live in a universe of fecundity, invention, and endless variation.

    What if there are really multiple story patterns to help us understand our lives and our choices? What might these stories be? How would we tell them? 

    Let's get started, shall we?  

    Sarah Sadie1 Comment