Do the work.

I had an email from a potential client today. We had just had a fantastic exploratory call and I had sent her a couple of package options to consider. Her email was enthusiastic about working with me, getting back to her own creative pursuits...and unfortunately, it would have to wait. Messy family stuff had come up. 

I understand completely. Life is messy and full of sudden curves, swerves and u-turns. I'm glad she can be involved in her family, even if (or maybe especially when) it's messy.

And that said...I've also noticed a pattern in client calls that I want to explore here. Someone expresses interest. We have a marvelous connection in the initial call. And then when it's time to commit...stuff comes up. It might be family. Or a project at work. Or something with the kid at school. Or just, hey, it's summer, my time for myself just evaporated.

I bet you recognize what I'm talking about because I bet this has happened to you once or twice. I know it has happened to me. 

I'm not saying these issues aren't really there. They are. In fact, every one of those things has happened to me at one time and another. I know it's real out there.

I'm also saying, the timing raises a red flag for me -- Is this person sabotaging themselves just at the moment they were ready to step up to the next level? 

Image Credit: Ashley Batz

Image Credit: Ashley Batz

Something I've learned: sometimes patterns and habits of self-disappointment and limitation are actually more comfortable than success. If we are used to "not having time" or "not knowing what we want to do" or simply putting others first, then it is very extremely super threatening when we say, "I will find the time." "I have an idea I'd like to explore." "I need to put myself first, even if only for a little bit of time each week."

And if there is a coach ready to help you move into those new places? Well, that is when shit gets real and stuff...comes up. 

This is normal. If this has happened to you, if you've done this to yourself, don't waste a minute feeling bad about it. I've done it to myself more times than I can remember. Taking the step that takes us out of our usual patterns and (safe) limitations is terrifying even if it is what we most want. 

Here's what I always come back to:

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    People who want to do the work find ways to do the work. I think you want to do the work. I think you'll find ways to do the work, regardless of family stuff, or season of the year, or whatever your job is dumping in your lap. In fact, maybe all that other business will somehow feed the work, or the work will offer you a respite from the messy. However it happens. I think you'll do the work. 

    Regardless of whether you work with me or with anyone else--don't put the creative work on hold. Tuck it into the corners of notebooks. Make little promises on the backs of napkins. Start collecting. Start noticing. Keep moving forward. Believe in yourself. You can do this. It's important. We've got you. 


    And stay in touch.

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