Sacred Exchange

Why is this event free? Why wouldn’t you want to be paid for your time, your energy, the gifts you are sharing? she asked.


But this came to me as a gift, I replied. The idea for it. The inspiration. So I can’t reduce it to an equation, “three hours of my time plus expenses plus preparation=ka-ching ka-ching.” It just doesn’t work that way for me.

Instead, I kept going, instead, I ask participants to receive my offering as the gift it is intended to be. To receive it fully, deeply. To take it in. To know themselves worth it, just as they are, as they arrive, bringing with them whatever their lives have handed them.

And then I ask more. I ask them to respond in kind. To gift me in accordance with how my offering answered their need. To truly gift me, in sacred exchange, in accord and alignment with what makes sense in their lives at this time.

So, I explained, in a way, I’m asking more when I offer freely. I’m asking people who come to bring awareness, intention, gratitude and response-ability to the space. So that they put themselves into the picture fully, where they are and as they are able to.

I offer myself fully, sharing the gifts I have to share. And through sacred exchange I ask them to do the same.

And the sky remained the same colorless color it had been, lightly overcast, and nothing changed. And yet something did change, as well.

Sarah SadieComment