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an evening retreat for women
November 2, 2018
6:30-930 PM
Dance Life Studio
(6725 Seybold Rd, Madison)

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For the past two years, on the national stage as well as in our intimate circles, we have seen how powerful it is when women tell our stories. 

Our stories are so much more than pain and trauma and memory. We also have stories of passion, and purpose. Stories of sharing and supporting. Stories of emergence and alignment. It is time to remember those stories and begin to grow from those roots. 

Now more than ever, we need to uncover, discover, and remember the stories at our core in order to live our passion and purpose into the world. A world that sorely needs deep feminine energies to shift and lift us into new possibilities. 

Through guided writing, oracle cards and gentle (and fun!) Qoya dance experience, this evening of retreat for women will help us to remember our essence, to stay grounded in our truth and purpose, in the harried and harrowing days leading up to Election Day. Together, participants will breathe into our intentions as we anchor ourselves in a place of possibility and hope. 

When women gather and share their stories and their truths, sacred space is created. As women have done forever, we come together in the lengthening evening to nourish and nurture ourselves and each other with laughter and honesty and grace. 

This event is free and open to all women 18+ years of age. For those who are so moved, there is a suggested sacred exchange donation of $10, $25 or $45, payable in advance or at the door.

Bring water, a yoga mat if you have one, and wear movement friendly clothes that make you feel good. Qoya is for all, regardless of dance experience.

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