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journal Du Jour Series

Keeping a journal....

Maybe it's something you've done for a long time. Maybe it's something you feel you should do, but you haven't (yet). Maybe it's been on your list. Maybe you used to but not so much. 

Whatever your story or history around the topic, keeping a journal is a GREAT tool for creatives for many reasons. Not only does it help us become more observant, it serves as a place to keep our random ideas and inspirations, and it's a record to go back to. 

In this week-by-week series, we explore various kinds of journal-keeping to introduce you to a variety of practices and help expand the range of options available to you in your creative repertoire. This is intended to be largely self-driven, personal experience but there is an option to join a facilitated online discussion on Friday afternoon for community and fun.

Participants can sign up for one week, two weeks, or however many appeal. Each week features: 

  • an introduction (written) to the method of the week, sent out on Monday
  • five daily prompts M-F
  • an optional discussion in the Dreamweavers Attic on Friday to wrap up the week, share experiences, and get a little inspiration to take with you into the weekend 

Three levels of experience possible:

  1. prompts only
  2. prompts + discussion
  3. prompts, discussion, and a 1:1 coaching session during the week. 



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