Coming Home to Yourself

a virtual half-day retreat for the too-busy creative

“What an absolutely magical and fulfilling day. It was exactly what I needed to step back into my creative flow, take care of my heart and soul and connect with other amazing women...Thank you for dedicating your heart in a deep way to creating that space for us all.” - Sara Alvarado,

Imagine a whole afternoon to treat yourself to the indulgence of real, uninterrupted time to focus on your own creative needs and dreams. What would you work on? That book you’ve been meaning to write? The business you’re building? Maybe getting out the sketch book or paints? Maybe it would feel good to take a couple of hours to clear space and doodle on ideas…chances are, you don’t need suggestions for how to fill the time. The question is, how to find the time.

Well, love, the time has been found for you. Creativity doyenne Sarah Sadie is hosting a virtual retreat that will allow you to pamper yourself and stretch into the time you need. And best of all, the setting will be ideal because it is your choice. You can join us from the downy comfort of your bed, from your favorite chair, writing desk, or window seat. Or you can choose to take yourself to a private study room at the library, a booth at a local coffee shop, or other favorite location.  


This is for you if…

You have trouble finding time for your work

You want to re-energize as the new year rolls along

You’re looking to refocus as priorities shift

You need an inspiration boost

You seek the companionship of fellow creatives

You want to reconnect to yourself, your creative core, the self you’ve maybe lost track of for a little too long