Odonata Creative Coaching can help you...

Find Your Next Fire

Sometimes we hit a fallow season, boundary-less, even a little scary. Coaching can help you endure the dry periods...and even help you steer towards your next endeavor. 

At Odonata, we know there are natural seasons and rhythms of vision, activity and lull, that we learn to trust and navigate together. 


Break Through the Blocks

Everyone faces times when they are blocked in what they want to do, for a wide variety of reasons. This is so normal as simply to be a natural part of creative effort--but that doesn't make it any more fun. Coaching can help break through the blocks using

  • small questions
  • gentle steps
  • a wide variety of playful and nurturing exercises, experiences and tools

At Odonata, we know the path is non-linear, and creative approaches are nurtured and encouraged.  



Beyond specific projects, Odonata Creative coaching can help you discover, recover, and uncover your own wild heart through returning to your creative center. Using a gentle approach that emphasizes non-linear, open-ended progress, small steps, and a little magical fun, Odonata Creative's coaching can help you connect

  • to your inner wisdom and fire
  • to a community of fellow travelers and creatives
  • to the wild earth we all inhabit

At Odonata, living with creative fire is understood to be a true work of healing, re-enchantment, birth right and delight. 

The first step is always a free initial consultation. Contact Sarah here.