Becoming Dragonfly Woman

A Co-Creative Exploration

Week One

Week Two

Twelve Weeks Diving Into the Heroine’s Journey


Many of us struggle with distraction, addiction to screens, food or other temporary pleasures, self-doubt, fear, overwhelm and a myriad of other internal and external realities that pull us away from our lives and loves. Too often, we do not make sense to ourselves. What if we had a new framework for understanding? What if we could fit ourselves and our stories to a new model and make new sense of our lives? What if we could create this for ourselves?

We have all been imprinted from a young age with the Hero’s Journey, whether we know it or not…almost all of our favorite stories, movies and books use this architecture to hang their plots on. Hero answers the Call to Adventure, Seeks the Treasure/Elixir, Meets with Trials/Tribulations, Eventually Masters/Conquers Self and Temptation and Enemy to Attain the Treasure and Bring It Home.

What if there was another model available? Whatever your gender, imagining a Heroine’s Journey allows us to round out the picture, find alternatives that depend less on acquiring, conquering, and mastery and more on inquiring, collaborating, and comprehension.*

dive into the creation (and co-creation) of a new model


Over the course of twelve weeks, we will dive into the creation and co-creation of a new model for storytelling and self-understanding. Whether you are a writer, an artist, a homemaker, an entrepreneur, or just someone trying to get through to Friday, our lives consist of the stories we tell about ourselves and what happens to us.

This will be a multi-modality attempt at co-creation of a new workable model. Prompts, questions and exercises will be paired with music, images, suggestions for movement and ritual to deepen and embody the learnings. A secret Facebook group will be set up allowing participants to add their voices into the conversation at every stage in a variety of ways. This is a journey of collaboration, co-creation and community. Rather than Sarah Sadie teaching the material, it will be transmission and mutual exploration of what a Heroine’s Journey might entail as we live into the possibilities together, and share our findings and discoveries with each other.

This is for you if you seek:

  • new models of courage and strength

  • new possibilities for story-telling, symbolism and self-understanding

  • community, support and accountability

  • new ways of seeing the patterns of our lives

  • multi-modality, embodied ways of questioning, seeking and knowing

  • an emphasis on non-linear, open-ended processes

This course is for writers, artists, and anyone who wants to reflect a little more deeply on the patterns and passages of life. It is not necessary to identify as “creative” (although throughout the twelve weeks, you may become newly convinced that you are).

How It Works and What You Get: the course will include

  • Rich weekly pdf lessons with an introduction to each stage and station of the re-imagined Journey, drawing on a wide variety of scholarly and creative voices and sources as well as archetype, myth, and cultural and personal story

  • A password-protected webpage filled with music, image, movement and ritual suggestions, inviting you into a delicious sensory bath

  • An ongoing secret Facebook group, a co-creative, slightly chaotic and very friendly laboratory, where we connect to each other to find support, community and to share our discoveries and experiences

  • Weekly Qoya classes for women local to the Madison area to dance into our own connections (optional and independent of the course, but aligning with it)

  • The opportunity (also optional) to dive more deeply into the work with 1:1 conversations with Sarah Sadie along the way


Becoming Dragonfly Woman - beta version March-June 2019

  • Basic Course (starts March 20): $150 (less than $15 per week)

  • Basic Course plus six 1:1 deep-dive sessions with Sarah: $650


*I am indebted to scholar and author Heather Jo Flores for leading me toward this framing of the possibilities. No ideas exist in a vacuum. Along the way I will be sharing some of her ideas as well as many other scholars and creatives. My offering is possible because of the work that has come before. Any act of creation is an act of co-creation.