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What people say about Odonata Creative and Sarah Sadie... 

from 2018...


"Your gentle creativity has sustained me." -coaching client, Community Garden member and Winter Stir participant

Thank you for being the scribe to all this stir-ful activity. I cannot begin to tell you how much it means to me to have YOU, Sarah Sadie, reflecting all this imaginative and productive work back to me right at this particular time....Thank you for being brave and strong and solid enough to do this creative coaching work." -coaching client

“The benefit to me has not only been in writing but in how I choose to view the world and live my life. Thank you for what you do.” -coaching client

“What an absolutely magical and fulfilling day. It was exactly what I needed to step back into my creative flow, take care of my heart and soul and connect with other amazing women. I mean…simply perfection! Thank you for dedicating your heart in a deep way to creating that space for us all.” - retreat participant



from 2016-17...

“Anyone looking for a creativity jumpstart -- not just poets -- should connect with Sarah (the founder of Odonata Creative). She woke me up and shook me out. Her intuition is frighteningly good. “ - ms. consulting client


A big thank you to Sarah Sadie and Odonata Creative. At an early retreat at Holy Wisdom Monastery, Sarah provided a place of welcome, encouragement and permission to simply be... I spoke to Sarah at length about my book. It was the first time we'd ever had that much one on one time and she inspired me, believed in my poetry...With her innate sense of humanity, her instincts, craft and genuine talent, I found in Sarah a new level of trust." retreat participant 


"You have a strong and gentle presence which is very life-giving." 


“already in mere hours I am charmed, enchanted, enveloped in the warmth,
the genuine of your intention for this time, this space."


"Thanks for a memorable, productive, heart-filling time. I hope to do this again."


Creativity does not have to be lonely. There is space and place to share."


"This was truly a retreat...I didn't know how much I yearned for quiet, and time to really find out what I was thinking."


"Absolutely the best retreat I've been on in ages."


"It was wonderful to share and be creative, without the necessity to share the creation. There was no pressure. No need to be anyone or anywhere but me...right here and now." 


"What a wonderful gathering of women!"


"I am impressed with you as a true teacher...learning was really happening. Thank you for your insights."