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Delight to Design

A Summer 2018 online experience

Take the next step into creative passion, purpose and plan in this summertime romp. Designed to be experienced at whatever level fits for your life right now, this week-by-week experience will help you move from blah to bliss. Find more and register here.


Let's Take the Marketing Out of ... Marketing

Strategic Attraction and Collaboration
a 12-week experience summer 2018

What if you could find customers and clients without feeling like you had to pitch or sell your services? What if instead of dread, you woke up feeling excited and eager to reach new potential clients? Is such a thing even possible?Yes it is! Learn more here. 

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Journal du Jour

This six-week series offers participants a chance to begin--or beef up--their journal practice. Various levels of participation offered, from on-your-own email prompts, to group discussion, to 1:1 coaching. Registrants can sign up for one week at a time or as many as they would like. Runs April 16-May 25. More information and register here. 

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the weavers guild

The Dreamweavers Attic Weavers' Guild, is a FREE hosted hour for creatives to come together and work on their projects in parallel. Sign up to receive link to Zoom. (Zoom download required--easy peasy.)