Odonata is a community of overlapping and interconnected circles, online and in person, which expand and contract through the seasons. There are many ways to become a part of this vibrant and growing community.


Odonata newsletter.


Sent 1-3x monthly, information, inspiration and opportunities for creatives of every stripe. A great way to stay connected and in the loop. Free. Sign up on the Contact page. 

Online challenges.  


Five prompts to your inbox, one per  day. Period. A quick, intensive plunge into creative space on your own time and terms.


Whether online only or in person, or a combination of both, Odonata has a class for you.



The heart of Odonata's offerings, weekend retreats throughout the year afford people a chance to gather together in person for conversation, work, inspiration and community. 

Coaching and


From manuscript consults and edits to awakening the dormant muse. Sarah utilizes a variety of techniques gleaned from years of teaching, reading, study, and personal practice. 

And more...

From poetry marathons to gallery fundraisers to drop in nights to expos... opportunities to join us at events, performances, shows give you chances to showcase your work, share your expertise and experience, and contribute to the community in multiple ways.