Letting Go of the "Keys"

Over the last year I've been growing this work, central to my thought has been the idea that there are Keys to Creativity: time, space, courage, community and permission. These are the areas every person needs, I contend, to one extent or another, to do their next creative work in the world. And I have shared that insight in my retreats, workshops, and 1:1 sessions. 

One year in, I'm changing my tune. Not that I still don't believe these five things are important--they're crucial. But to call them "keys" makes it sound like you either have them or you don't. And if you don't, by implication, no creative outlet for you. 

The truth is, almost none of us have all of these lined up perfectly...ever. Not for more than a lucky hour or two. By focusing attention on each of them in turn, however, we increase our awareness, and that is the point. Awareness is empowerment. 

So, forget Keys. Call it Five Areas of Awareness that we move into and through. And I think there may be a sixth...I hear a small whisper somewhere that keeps interrupting me...