"Nothing's Small!"

"Nothing's small!"

So cries Elizabeth Barrett Browning's Aurora Leigh. This statement is a pillar of my philosophy. Even the smallest acts and facts are important. Sometimes most crucial. Science increasingly bears witness to Browning's truth as we peer into ever more minute realms and push into the very edges of our conceptual frameworks. 

So it is with that in mind that I share the "Wings and Teeth" portfolio today. This collection of images and texts (and hybrid combinations of the two, in places) by women in the Odonata community ranges from casual to care-full, from anger to humor to sorrow to celebration. It is a small statement: we are here. We have these experiences. We speak and act out of our truths. 

There is a vulnerability any time we go public with our voices. I include in the collection a photograph I took of an orchid because I like the way it looks like a dragon. I can't take a picture worth a damn. And that's okay. What is important is, the moment was there. I caught it, poorly or a little better than poorly, because it was mine to catch. 

That is the spirit I hope to embody with this work I do. To encourage each of us to catch the moments that present themselves. Give them voice. Be vulnerable. Take risks. There's a whole community of us ready and listening for you.

Wings and Teeth