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Recover your magic by reconnecting to your creativity...take the next step

Through coaching, classes, workshops and community groups, Odonata taps into the magic and creativity we all have within, helping individuals take the next step. Small steps, gentle questions, and just enough structure to crack open the possibilities. 

Odonata's WINTER stir 2018

Creativity prompts, community, gratitude and good humor to bring in the new year in a FREE closed Facebook group throughout the month of January. 


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Small Groups and Classes

Explore a variety of creative topics and approaches while experiencing a supportive and friendly community of fellow travelers. Odonata Creative offers a variety of small groups, workshops and classes throughout the year. Find upcoming opportunities here. 

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1:1 Kaizen Muse Creativity Coaching

Creativity is the generative force of the universe. It's magic at its most elemental. And it is our birthright as beings on this planet. Reconnect to your passion, rediscover your magic, dance your own path. 1:1 coaching sessions and small group coaching with Sarah Sadie. More information here. 

Initial consultation is always free. 


Manuscript Consultations

In person or online, Sarah works one on one with writers hoping to take the next step with their writing. Whether they are looking for individualized critique, help putting a poetry manuscript together, or feedback on their recent work, Sarah employs her deeply intuitive and responsive style to give substantive encouragement and suggestions.

Contact Sarah to set up an initial conversation about your project. 


community and connection

Find a community of like-minded creatives en-couraging each other in a variety of goals and projects, checking in every Friday and through the week, Odonata Folk, a FREE closed Facebook group, allows for sharing and support. Click to join Odonata Folk

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