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Where might your journey take you? Explore the options...

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Small Groups and Classes

Explore a variety of creative topics and approaches while experiencing a supportive and friendly community of fellow travelers. Odonata Creative offers a variety of small groups, workshops and classes throughout the year. Find upcoming opportunities here. 

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The Dreamweavers Attic

Find Odonata's online offerings at The Dreamweavers Attic. Across the continent and around the world, join conversations, classes, workshops. Sarah and fellow creativity catalyst Kerry Schafer of Swimming North partner to keep the Attic open and inviting to all. Learn more about FREE Weavers' Guild hours. 

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Creativity midwifery: Kaizen Muse Coaching

Creativity is the generative force of the universe. It's magic at its most elemental. And it is our birthright as beings on this planet. Reconnect to your passion, rediscover your magic, dance your own path. 1:1 coaching sessions and small group coaching with Sarah Sadie. More information here. 

Initial consultation is always free. 


odonata creative Live on Facebook

Occasionally Sarah goes live on the Odonata Creative Facebook page, sharing tips, tools, and small stories in a brief, informal setting. Start your week off with a little bit of self-indulgence, or click in anytime and catch up with the conversation. 

community and connection

Find a community of like-minded individuals en-couraging each other in a variety of goals and projects. At Odonata Creative Community Gardens, a FREE closed Facebook group, we check in with each other on Fridays, get visits from "Monday Muses" and drop in throughout the week for sharing and support. Click to join Odonata Creative Community Gardens

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