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Recover your magic by reconnecting to your creativity...take the next step
Photo credit: H. Atkinson

Photo credit: H. Atkinson


Sarah Sadie...Muse of Wild Encouragement and Inner Journeying

...teaches and coaches  and edits and writes and glues fabrics together, literally and metaphorically. 

...helps women (and men) recover their magic and bloom by connecting to their creativity, their inner core.

...believes we do our best work and become our wildest and juiciest selves when sparked and encouraged by examples around us.

...grounds herself in the wisdom of the body and the power of art. a poet with an MFA in Creative Writing, a Kaizen Muse Creativity Coach. and is on her way to becoming a Qoya dance teacher.

...believes in the big YES, lives at the edge, haunts the crossroads. 

Sarah sends out xoS to her readers every now and again, a little window onto else and other, with sugared violets and a whisper of magic.