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 Photo credit: H. Atkinson

Photo credit: H. Atkinson


None of us walks the path alone. There are always guides and companions who show up along the way...

Sarah Sadie is a Creativity Guiddess*, Muse, and Midwife who...

...has experience as teacher, writer, editor, workshop leader, writer, artist, public speaker and dancer. 

...knows how to help people recover their magic by connecting to their creativity, their innate inner compass and passion. She can do this work because she herself has gone through the crucible.

...teaches techniques to ground ourselves and locate truth in the wisdom of the body, the importance of play and the power of art a poet with an MFA in Creative Writing, a certified Kaizen Muse Creativity Coach and Muse Workshop facilitator, an emerging artist and is on her way to becoming a Qoya dance teacher.

Sarah sends out xoS to her readers every now and again, a little window onto else and other, with sugared violets and a whisper of magic. 

To work with Sarah 1:1 and awaken your magic, or just to say hi, click here


*all right, who was it who introduced me to the perfect word, "guiddess"? 'fess up now so I can give you credit.