All too often on our journey as creative beings, we are beset by fears, nagged by uncertainty, distracted by the sheer overwhelming number of options each day brings to us, and haunted by the knowledge we have been cut off from our best and truest sources. 

Odonata Creative helps women (and men) achieve creative breakthrough and live audacious and delicious lives. 

Creativity coach Sarah Sadie employs Kaizen-Muse techniques, tips and tools to help people find a joyful and empowered alignment. She teaches trust and patience, playfulness, courage and awareness: invaluable skills for the journey. A poet, artist and dancer, Sarah Sadie leads workshops, classes, and 1:1 coaching sessions that are gentle, fun, and non-linear in nature. 

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At Odonata Creative, we believe...

women and men have untapped reservoirs of potential

every person's visions, stories and ways of knowing are valuable

every person has the right to the time, space and community she needs for her own work and well-being, as defined by her

transition is an opening for transformation, and crisis is the seedbed for opportunity

creativity is a human superpower we all have

listening generatively and responsively to ourselves and to each other will change the cultural landscape and by extension, the world.  

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